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Jun. 23rd, 2016 09:40 am
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There are so many people who are blessed to have been in my presence! Actually, just everyone who's ever met me is blessed! Hahahaha!!
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May. 11th, 2016 11:02 pm
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Yato-chan here! Leave me a message~~~

God Info

May. 11th, 2016 11:01 pm
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CANON: Noragami
GOD: Yoboku
SHINKI: Yukine
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Backtagging: YES
Threadhopping: YES
Fourthwalling: YES
Offensive subjects (elaborate): GO FOR IT


Hugging this character: YES
Kissing this character: YES
Flirting with this character: YES
Fighting with this character: YES
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): YES
Killing this character: Now look, it'd have to be discussed thoroughly. =T
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: YES

Warnings: Yato is a dumb. You have been WARNED.
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Player Information

Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Age: 27
Other Characters: Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko)

Character Information

Name: Yato (Yaboku)
Canon: Noragami
Canon Point: Just after Ebisu's death and rebirth
Age: Many centuries (looks about in his 20s)
History: Yato on the wiki
Probably the most prominent thing about Yato's personality is just how childish he can tend to act. From buying up every fake luck charm he can get his hands on to pleading with people to buy him snacks and toys, Yato really has acting like a child down to an art. He tends to go around with a very carefree attitude and handles his jobs with a bright smile and a lackluster approach to the actually working parts of working. While this lends a certain charm to him, allowing him to get a lot of what he wants without much fight, it can also be highly irritating because he is very persistent about keeping up this demeanor - meaning that his friends have to fight tooth and nail to get any seriousness out of him.

Of course, there are major exceptions to this behavior. First of all, it is important to remember that Yato is centuries old. He's been around for a long time and has become jaded to the world in a lot of ways. The only way that he can keep himself wanting to keep trying for the world is to experience new things and imagine new, better possibilities for himself. Second, it is also important to note that Yato was once a god of depravity and has murdered many, many humans and shinki. In fact, up until very recently he was still under the control of his Father and went around killing off 'bad people' who 'deserved it' in order to make his dad happy.

In situations where Yato is experiencing something new or wonderful, his childish act turns into a for-real child-like nature. Yato is, in his essence, a sheltered child who was forced to do someone else's bidding. You can see his true nature, for example, when he, Yukine, and Hiyori visit Capyperland. And during the parade in specific, Yato is so awed by everything he sees that it is almost like he reverts back to being a child entirely, probably because he was never allowed to have an actual 'childhood' as a god due to his Father's meddling.

At the same time, also because of what has been done to him by his Father, there is a sense of maturity to Yato that very much reveals his godliness. When faced with desperate situations, he faces them head-on and shows no fear in the face of death and danger. There are plenty of situations where he actively has to murder someone and is able to go into it with a straight face and no emotion whatsoever. This is in direct contradiction to how he behaved about murder as a child, since he saw it as a game then, but ever since the death of his first shinki, he has come to realize how horrifying death really is and has changed because of it, cutting himself off from feeling anything about death if he can help it.

When it comes to the people he most cares about, though, Yato can't help but feel a lot of things about them. Even while attempting to give off a godly demeanor so that he could push people away, he can't help but care very deeply about them. This shows very brilliantly with Hiyori and Yukine. They are the two most important people in his world and he wants to give them everything within his power to give. He works hard for Yukine's sake - allowing him to do as he pleases initially so that Yukine can grow and become more powerful as a shinki is the best example of that. And he even directly promises that he will make Hiyori the happiest girl in the world, and he means every word of it. Yato would bend over backwards, go through hell and back, and even die himself if it meant protecting his precious ones.

That in itself says a lot about how much Yato can care, especially when you consider just how afraid of death he really is. Being such a minor god, it is easy for humans to forget Yato immediately. He has no devout followers and should he ever die, it would likely be a permanent death with no real reincarnation for his godly soul. Of course, his Father would probably bring him back somehow, but Yato knows that only one believer isn't enough to bring him back after death, and he is terrified of just disappearing entirely forever.

Which brings us to how lonely Yato is as a person. Growing up with only his Father and the Nora, Yato has never had very many friends. Because of his poor standing as a god, many of his shinki abandoned him, leaving him alone at every turn. He tries to pretend like this doesn't bother him, but he obviously wishes to have people in his life that care about him as much as he cares about them. That is why he latches so heavily onto Hiyori when she manages to see and continue remembering him after her accident. And that is why he is so passionately proud of Yukine's growth, because Yukine has chosen to stay with him and has even risked losing his name - and therefore his personage - for Yato's sake. Having people who care this much about him is probably the greatest happiness that Yato has ever experienced.

And speaking of Yato's happiness, Hiyori was the one to make Yato's lifelong dream come true, making him happier than he has ever been before. Since he was very young, Yato had always wished to have a shrine dedicated to him. He saw that other gods had shrines where people would pray and he always wanted one for himself as well, but his Father told him he didn't need something like that, since only Father was supposed to be able to pray to Yato. But Hiyori worked hard to make a tiny shrine for Yato, bringing his dreams to reality, and allowing him to buy property in the Heavens and actually become a fully-fledged god.

Of course, the way that Yato was able to get that piece of property in the Heavens was because of just how gosh-darned stubborn he is. He visited the offices literally every day until closing, begging and pleading and bullying until they finally agreed to let him have a small chunk of land. It is this persistence that allows Yato to continue being a god. Without it, he would have given up long ago and just allowed his Father to do whatever he wanted. But because Yato is so stubborn, he is now working to not only be a famous god, but to be one of the Gods of Fortune.

One last major thing to note about Yato's personality is how overwhelmingly dependant he is on others. Though this is probably obvious by now, Yato needs the support of others not only in order to exist, but also in order to keep moving forward. He has huge dreams and aspirations and he is always looking ahead at his future, but without the help of those around him, the overwhelming loneliness would crush and destroy him. Because of this, Yato does not work well on his own and instead works much better the larger the group of support he has is.

In summary! Yato is a god with many more layers than most gods tend to have, which is strange for such a low-ranking god. He has gone through centuries of torture of varying kinds because of his Father and has come out the other end still optimistic about his future. He loves the people around him and depends on them, allowing them to depend on him as well. While he may be childish, loud, and easily excitable, he is still a good person who has a certain charm that draws others to him - even if it is just to punch him in his stupid, smarmy face.
Abilities: Yato has the basic abilities of any god: Rend (the ability to destroy ayakashi), Teleportation (the ability to travel to and from the Far Shore and anywhere he wants to on the Near Shore), and Divine Possession (the ability to possess a follower and use their body as his own). Of course, he is also skilled at wielding a sword and basic hand to hand combat, having been a murderous bastard god of calamity for so long. His other abilities lie in being a jack-of-all-trades and also in his uncanny knack for being one heck of a nuisance, especially to the people he cares about the most.
+Iron will

God/Shinki: God
Top 3 Choices: >=T
God Type: A shitty god of depravity who's trying to become a god of fortune instead. WHATEVER. He kills lots of ayakashi because Yukine says that's the best way to become a more famous god, and Yukine is a smart cookie.
Power: N/A Canon character

Writing Sample

Sample: One, Two, and Three threads with Yato~


Anything Else?: GIMME MY HAFURI VESSEL BACK ;A;/!!!!


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